Hush Puppies South Africa would like to thank all of our sponsors!

We would like to give a huge shout out to all our sponsors that have contributed towards the "Shout Out To The Decades Event" held on August 2nd 2018. Thank you for participating in such a great initiative. Your contributions were greatly appreciated!

Thank you to: 

'6th Sense Water' for your amazing infused waters

'Belle's Patisserie' for the great food

'Herbert Evans' in Rosebank for the art supplies

'Jetline' for the Shout Out To The Decades banner

'Jozi Blue' for keeping us all hydrated

'Yiull Damaso' for the amazing studio space

2 intro

3 food

 4 food

5 water

6 coffee 2

7 food

8 paint

9 studio

10 coffee

11 water 2

12 food 4

9 banner